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About me

It all started when I wanted a laptop for my Barbies.  My Dad designed one using CAD software and then we printed it with our 3D Printer.  After that, I have been inventing a lot of different products like hair clips, bracelets, Barbie accessories and much more. 

My Dad has taught me how to design products.  First, we draw our ideas on paper and guess how big they will be and write those measurements down.  Then, we use our sketches to make 3D models of our ideas.   

With the CAD program, we save a file which another program called a "slicer" can read.  The slicer program makes a file which tells the 3D printer what to do.  We print out our idea on the 3D printer. 

When it is ready, we measure it using calipers. Calipers are a super measuring tool that tells us exactly how big things are.   After that, we usually make changes and then print it again until the project is perfect. 

That's how my inventions get made. 

I hope to be a great artist or inventor someday.  My Mom and Dad have helped me make this site so that we can sell my ideas and hopefully, save so I can go to the best Universities to learn.  Maybe I'll be an engineer or an actor... or an inventor... or an artist...or something great that will help a lot of people.  I'm not sure yet but, in the meantime, I'm having fun with our projects and I hope you like them too!

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