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I have rescheduled my聽Cora Rose Playdate!聽

Saturday December 11 from 3pm to 5pm

Room 1 at the Schertz Public Library.聽 聽

Space is limited so please reserve your spot by writing us at: corarose3d@gmail.com

I'm so sorry I had to cancel the last one but, I had a cold and didn't want to give it to my friends.

What is it?

A playdate for kids ages 4-12.聽

You can bring their favorite toys and accessories to share and play with.聽 2 kids will be assigned to each table.聽聽

Entry is free.

Why have a community playdate?

The goal of these playdates is to bring the community together and empower children (and parents) to create the future of biodegradable and sustainable toys.聽 聽

What kind of games should we play?

Bring your favorite dolls or toys and create fun adventures with new friends.聽 Share your ideas with the other kids. 聽 Here are some suggestions:聽

  • Classroom
  • Inventor kids
  • Super Heroes
  • Restaurant/ Bakery
  • Fun at the beach
  • Police Detectives
  • Grocery Store/ Shopping
  • Cowgirl / Cowboy / Rodeo
  • Famous Scientists
  • Music Star or Producer

How can I make sure I don鈥檛 lose my toys?

When you arrive for the playdate each family will fill out a quick form with their parents and pictures will be taken of the toys you bring into the playdate.聽 聽

You will be responsible for keeping track of your own toys but we will do everything we can to make sure you don鈥檛 lose them or your toys don鈥檛 get mixed with the other kids'.聽 聽

We suggest bringing your toys in a plastic box or container.

What other kinds of activities will there be?

Arts and Crafts, Legos, we will also give a presentation about where and how toys are made,聽 how to give new life to old toys and what the future of toy manufacturing will look like, Live 3D Printing and we'll have a raffle for a chance to win 3D Printed/ biodegradable toys and accessories.聽

Is there anything else I should bring?

If you have a toy that you would like to donate, we will share them with any kids that don鈥檛 bring toys.聽 Eventually, we will donate these toys to needy children in low-income neighborhoods when we have playdates in their areas.聽

*Each child must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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